About It's Pure

Founded originally by a British Ayurvedic therapist, It’s Pure became the UK’s first ever certified organic hair colour brand in 2011. Inspired by her travels to India and the transformative results she had seen on people’s hair, Tricia sought and developed the best quality ingredients into a unique range of colours.

Today, the herbs in It’s Pure hair products come from a certified organic Fair & Wild grower in Rajasthan, India that uses advanced technologies to deliver incredibly pure extracts, free from contaminants. 

We blend them here in the UK at our Soil Association certified laboratory in rural Suffolk, all powered by renewable energy.

Alongside beautifully pure colours that promote shine, volume and improve the condition of your hair, the team at It’s Pure delight in bringing you a growing range of all-natural care products for healthier hair.

Whether it’s helping you hide grey, achieve a new colour, or just promote youthfulness of your hair, we’ve got you covered.

Featured Products
Henna For Hair Powder & Indigo Powder Certified Organic

Henna For Hair Powder & Indigo Powder Certified Organic£12.99  -  £51.50

Pure certified organic henna for hair and certified organic indigo powder. Used together to create auburn, brown or black shades. (In separate packages).

It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown

It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown£10.95

This shade darkens grey, blonde or medium brown hair. Darker than Natural Brown.

Certified Organic Henna Powder Body Art Quality

Certified Organic Henna Powder Body Art Quality£6.90  -  £52.75

Soil Association certified organic body art henna Super fine quality suitable for henna tattoo or hair colouring.

Certified Organic Indigo Powder

Certified Organic Indigo Powder£6.85  -  £52.70

Certified organic pure indigofera tinctoria indigo leaf powder


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