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It's Pure Organic Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown

It's Pure Organic Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown
Our Price:  £9.85
List Price:  £10.95


8,430 units

Model:  E0620
size:  110g
Certification:  Soil Association Certified Organic

Volumising, strengthening and revitalising. This dye gives your hair extra shine and a luscious healthy-look, thanks to the power of Ayurvedic herbs. Please see the lovely reviews below!

It’s Pure Natural Brown hair dye is entirely natural and the final result depends on your initial hair colour, so will be unique to you.

As a guide, you can expect the following:

If you have...

The likely result is…

White or very light blonde

Warm dark blonde – warm light brown

Dark blonde

Warm light brown

Light brown

Warm light to medium brown

Salt-and-pepper mix of white and light brown hair

The white hair goes light brown, and the light brown hair a slightly darker brown

To check the colour, we recommend you strand test a small section of your hair before applying to your entire head.

A few other things to bear in mind:

It's Pure Natural Brown shade is lighter than the Dark Brown and is also a warmer colour.

You can achieve a darker colour result with repeated applications.  If your hair is very light coloured to start with it is also possible that the colour outcome may be warmer (i.e. slightly more auburn).

The colour is also affected by how long you leave the paste on. If you leave the paste on for 1 hour it will be a lot lighter than if you leave it on for 3 hours. It also tends be a warmer colour when it is left on for a shorter time and a cooler and darker brown when it is left on for a longer time. 

When you first wash out the colour it will often not be the full depth of colour, but it will gradually deepen to its true colour. So, it is best to wait 24 hours after you have done the strand test to see how the colour develops.

If your hair has been chemically lightened it will affect the colour result. - Chemical lighteners make your hair more porous and thus absorb the colour less predictably. 

There may be slight variations in colour result between different batches of Herbal Hair Colour. - The botanical ingredients can be affected by varying climatic conditions from year to year.

Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown Ingredients - INCI:
Cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, Indigofera tinctoria (indigo) powder*, Lawsonia inermis (henna) powder*, Cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, Emblica officinalis (amla) powder*.   

*100% organic, no artificial additives whatsoever.

See our natural hair dye FAQs here.

Cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, indigofera tinctoria (indigo) powder*, lawsonia inermis (henna) powder*, cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, emblica officinalis (amla) powder*.

* Denotes Certified Organic
Full instructions are enclosed in the pack. The following is a summary:

Mix the powder thoroughly with warm water to a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your hair in sections and leave on for 1 to 3 hours. The longer you leave the paste on your hair the darker the colour result will be.

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Customer Reviews
It's Pure Organic Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown
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So many compliments
Sunday, 21 November 2021  |  Helen

I have used Its Pure ĎNatural Browní as I no longer wanted to use chemical dyes (the peroxide element always dried my hair and eventually led to it looking orange).

I have looked at the various application methods online and after a few attempts at leaving it on for 4 hours (which gave a good result), I then left in on overnight (covered in cling film and a towelling hair wrap) - the results were amazing! I always leave my hair four days before washing it, to allow the colour to fully Ďtakeí. Since then I have had so many compliments about how healthy, natural, full and shiny my hair is, with such a lovely colour (friends say it looks natural as opposed to dyed, and they asked me if I actually had any grey hair 😀 nb yes I do!!). Wish I had discovered this years ago!

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Excellent Product
Sunday, 6 December 2020  |  Mary

I used It's Pure, Natural Brown, for the first time this week & am favourably impressed. I became allergic to other permanent hair colours, including, most recently "Naturtint". I was in despair, thinking I was doomed to having grey hair for the rest of my life. Now, I know that this will not happen, since discovering It's Pure Natural Brown. I'm thrilled with it & cannot praise it too highly - I just applied it to my grey roots, left it on for three hours - it has covered all the grey & has left my hair in lovely condition. I like the yogurt like consistency of the mixed product, being a firm consistency, it is easier to apply to the hair & to target grey roots more accurately. Thank you, It's Pure, I am delighted with your product, & will continue using it.

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Very bland brown
Wednesday, 12 August 2020  |  Monica

I have recently bought this colour and it is a really dull... It didn't have any special undertones. My hair is light brown with white hairs and I found the white hairs weren't covered as well as they have been when using the chestnut dye.

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Best box dye I've used
Sunday, 21 June 2020  |  Lucy

Really pleased with this product. I've been growing out bleached highlights and wanted a more rich all over colour, my hair is naturally mousy brown, this darkened it enough but not too dark which is often the worry with henna dyes. Not too difficult to use, left on for 3 hours. Lovely shiny even colour. Will use again.

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Too dark with greenish tint and ginger roots
Wednesday, 27 May 2020  |  Lorraine

I strand tested Golden Blonde and strands turned ginger. So I chose Natural Brown. Strand tested hair on grey, some hi lighted hair and natural mousy hair. After 24 hours only detected a small difference but a little better than my own so I went ahead today. I have pretty dark hair now with green tints over the hi lighted hair and ginger roots whilst my own mousy hair is very dark. Horrified. Don't know where to turn next as I cannot use general dyes as allergic. Please help. I just want to be blonde with grey covered or look like hi lights. I wish Golden Blonde worked

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Didnít cover grey
Thursday, 21 May 2020  |  Mrs

Having become extremely sensitive to hair dye in the last 5 years, my hairdresser uses OCS dye and foils. However I was looking for an even more natural product and was wanting to be able to do it myself.

I was very nervous about using the dye in case I reacted, but happy to say I didnít. I was disappointed however that having applied the dye twice to my hair for 2 hours each time it has failed to cover my greys at all. For this reason I wonít be buying it again.

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Wish I'd found you years ago!
Sunday, 12 April 2020  |  Victoria

Wow henna has changed since I last used it 30 years ago!
Over the last few years I've been getting headaches after I've dyed my hair, I'm presuming it's the chemicals, so was looking for something more environmentally and me friendly.
I used to henna my hair(bright red) when I was in my 20's and it was a lot thicker and messier to use, apparently they used to put sand into it to thicken it up?
I'm glad to say this henna is completely different to use and doesn't give me headaches.
I'm also at the point where I'm contemplating going my natural colour and letting the grey come through!
This is giving me the option to go nearer my natural colour with the grey blending in without being hidden.
It also conditions the hair beautifully.

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Hair colour
Sunday, 12 April 2020  |  Julie

Fabulous product

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Friday, 10 April 2020  |  Jane

I must admit Iím not a great one for leaving reviews, but this product is amazing! Iíve always had my now greying hair coloured at the hair dresses, but with the Coronavirus lock down I had to find an alternative! Now I really wanted something natural and chemical free and after reading some reviews took the plunge and brought the light brown. Although it looked horrifying putting it on my roots, after 1 hour 20 it washed out easily and left my hair looking AMAZING! It covered my greys completely and matched my hairs tones perfectly! Iím writing this after only a week so Iím hoping it holds its colour. If it does Iím converted... and no nasty chemicals! Thank you ☺️

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Excellent product
Wednesday, 8 April 2020  |  Caroline

I am allergic to every other hair dye product. But this really works. I use it every 5 weeks, it covers grey, and leaves my hair really shiny and healthy. Itís a bit messy to put on, I leave it on for 3 hours, it takes 24 hrs for the colour to fully develop, and your hair smells a bit ďearthyĒ for 2 days, but it really works. Could not manage without it.

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