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It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Strawberry Blonde

It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Strawberry Blonde
Our Price:  £10.95

Model:  E0627
Brand:  It's Pure Organics

This hair colour is suitable for blondes who want to enrich their hair with a beautiful Strawberry Blonde tint as well as give their hair radiance and boost the volume of their hair.

The 110g pack is a full sized hair dye, while the 10g pack is a small sachet sample of the dye, for the purpose of strand testing on hair or patch testing on skin. It comes with full instructions.  

It will not lighten your hair so won't work on dark hair.

This 110g pack is enough for average shoulder length hair. If your hair is thick you will need more, or if it’s fine or layered you’ll need less.

This hair colour is suitable for light blonde to dark blonde hair and grey hair or blonde hair with stripes of grey. It will not lighten your hair so won't work on dark hair.

Organic henna, organic cassia and organic amla. 

The resulting colour outcome after using this dye depends on the colour of your hair before using it. If your hair is very light-coloured or white, the colour outcome will be lighter than it would be over dark blonde hair.

You can achieve a stronger colour if you leave the paste on for longer.

Although we do our best to formulate this dye so that you get a good colour, we cannot guarantee the precise colour outcome. This is because everyone’s hair is different, both in terms of the initial hair colour and different hair chemistry, and will take the colour slightly differently.


The full instructions and tips are included in the packet. The following is an overview:

Mixing: You can either mix the powder with warm water and apply to your hair or you can mix the powders with some acidic fruit juice such as lemon juice and leave to soak for 8 to 12 hours.

Application: Divide your hair into sections and apply the paste to each section. It should be fully coated from the roots to the ends.  Put plenty on.  When your hair is completely coated with the paste, cover your hair with the shower cap included in the packet.   Clean any left over paste off your skin (such as on your face and the nape of your neck). 

Leave the paste on your hair for 30 to 120 minutes.  The longer you leave it to develop, the stronger the colour will be.  Rinse out your hair until the water runs clear.  Use a little shampoo if you would like, then rinse and condition as usual.

Strand Testing:

If it is the first time you have used this hair colour we fully recommend doing a strand test first before putting the hair colour all over your hair, because the colour outcome can vary depending on each person's hair. We also suggest waiting 24 hours after the strand test to see how the colour develops, because the colour will oxidise over time and strengthen.

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It's Pure Organics Herbal Hair Strawberry Blonde
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Excellent cover of my grey hair
Wednesday, 16 August 2017  |  Aranzazu

I have been using this colour for several months and I am very happy with the results, covers perfectly my grey hair and the results in my hair, where I still have some darker ones, looks very good. Also my hair feels healthier.

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Strawberry Blonde
Monday, 18 July 2016  |  Karen

Excellent product gave my blonde hair a warm tint and my white hair got light reddish blonde tint, like a highlight effect, and my hair is now shiny and conditioned.


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Hair dyes
Thursday, 14 July 2016  |  Monica

It didn't work for me as it didn't cover my grays at all

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