Why Redheads Shouldn't Apply Hair Conditioner to their Roots and Other Myths

Friday, 20 May 2022

Why Redheads Shouldn't Apply Hair Conditioner to their Roots and Other Myths


Why Redheads Shouldn't Apply Hair Conditioner to their Roots and Other Myths

Red hair, be it natural or enhanced with henna, is beautiful BUT there are a lot of myths about how best to look after it for optimal results.

Red hair is often more fragile than other hair types and the colour is more instable, so it’s vital you look after it with a great organic shampoo or no poo regime, and regular conditioning treatments.


MYTH: Redheads don’t go grey


Red hair holds its pigment much longer than any other shade – so as a rule you won’t go grey, although it does lose its lustre and fade a little.

If you’re not a fan of dye, treatments like cassia (or neutral Henna) offer lovely opportunities to add golden blonde lights to your hair as the pigments fade.



MYTH:  Redheads Shouldn’t Condition the Roots

TRUE (sort of!)

It might interest you to know, us flame haired beauties have less hair than our blonde and brunette counterparts; On average about 90’000 strands compared to blondes with 110,000, and brunettes with 140,000 (source).

We don’t show it though, because each strand is estimated to be up to 35% thicker and slightly coarser than other hair colours. Because of that, we’re much more likely to struggle with frizz, lack of shine and apparent dryness.

That’s where a conditioner comes in.  It’s there to soften the hair, flatten the cuticle for shine and help it be more manageable.

There is a right and a wrong way to use hair conditioner though and it’s important for your overall look to get it right.

Unless your hair is extremely dry, applying it to the roots can affect volume.  It’s best to add it to the lower two thirds of the hair so as not to overload the roots.

If you feel the hair needs more shine, then a treatment like Amla can do a wonderful job of nourishing, in a weightless way. 


MYTH:  Redheads Can’t Dye Their Hair


Firstly, we’re not sure why a natural redhead would dye their hair, but if you want to you can, it just takes more work.

If you want to go blonde, you will have problems.  The red pigment is extremely hard to remove so there is almost always a tint of warmth.

Going darker CAN work but the hair will hold onto the colour longer, so if you’re not sure about the result you’re stuck with it.  ALWAYS do a strand test to be sure of the colour result.

If you want to deepen your red shade, or brighten it, Henna is the perfect option.  It doesn’t strip the hair like bleach and supports the keratin within the hair, maintaining health.


MYTH:  Red hair breaks easily


Red hair, whilst fuller than other hair types, is also more fragile.  Lack of care can easily lead to snapping and issues with breakage.

Firstly, try not to brush your hair, certainly with harsh bristles.  Secondly don’t towel dry hair, just ‘plop’ or ‘blot’ it instead.

Thirdly, look to ayurvedic hair treatments like Bhringaraj, which helps to reduce hair fall and strengthens hair.  Over time it will look fuller and healthier, and become more resilient.


MYTH:  Dyed red hair is a nightmare to maintain


Commercial box dyes, which change the structure of the hair do struggle to hold onto red tones, but if you switch to an auburn or red organic hair dye (henna) and avoid sulphate laden shampoos, using something like shikakai instead, you’ll find it lasts much longer.

This is because henna stains the external cuticle of the hair.  Sulphate shampoos strip the colour, whereas shikakai works to gently cleanse the hair.

Henna is also much more nourishing so you can dye the hair more regularly and it will only enhance the condition of the hair.

For more advice on colouring and maintaining red hair, speak to our organic hair experts here >