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Certified Organic Henna Powder Body Art Quality

Certified Organic Henna Powder Body Art Quality
Our Price:  £6.90

Model:  E01021
Certification:  Soil Association

Pure certified organic, chemical free henna from India with no other plants added. 

Body art henna is the most finely sifted henna which can be mixed to a smooth paste without any grittiness.  This henna is suitable for either body art, henna tattoo, or for hair colouring.

This henna is suitable for body art or for hair colouring. Body art henna is excellent for colouring hair as it is more finely sifted, so it has a smoother, less gritty texture.

This henna is packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag so it stays fresh and potent for longer.
Henna will usually give brown hair reddish undertones and on grey or light coloured hair -  it will be a more orange/red colour.
Henna Used Together with Indigo for Hair Colouring
Henna may be used together with Indigo to get a chestnut, reddish brown, dark brown or a black shade.  The resulting shade on your hair depends on the method used, how long you leave it on for and the proportion of indigo and henna used. 
There are 2 methods of combining henna and indigo together:
Two Step Process:  Dye your hair first with henna so it goes auburn/red then dye your hair with indigo so that the auburn/red turns to brown. To achieve the desired shade you need to leave the indigo on for the correct amount of time for you. The longer the indigo is left on for the darker it will be. If you leave it on the maximum time it can go black.
One Step Process: Soak the henna for 8 to 24 hours or overnight. Mix the indigo with water just before you are ready to dye your hair. Thoroughly mix the henna paste together with the indigo paste. To get a more red/brown shade use a large percentage of henna. To get a darker brown use a larger proportion of indigo. To get a black shade use the two step process above.
Trial and error may be necessary to get the desired shade because everyone’s hair is different and will take the colour differently.
Quantity of henna needed
The following quantities are for average thickness hair:
short hair - 50 gms henna
shoulder length hair - 100 gms henna
mid back length hair - 200gms henna

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Customer Reviews
Certified Organic Henna Powder Body Art Quality
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Sunday, 19 September 2021  |  Shani

I have purchased Henna from here a few times now along with the amla and cassia. The henna is awesome and leaves a gorgeous red hue in my hair. I mainly use it for gloss treatments and it makes my hair so defined and brings out the texture and curls beautifully. Would recommend for anybody looking for authentic, quality henna.

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Sunday, 15 August 2021  |  Jayne

Brilliant product with loads of information on how to use it. So helpful.
Quick delivery.
Great results.

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Henna powder
Wednesday, 8 April 2020  |  Rozma


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Great product
Thursday, 30 January 2020  |  Llucia

I've used it to dye my hair and the result has been great. I followed the instructions and all went well.

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Good henna
Wednesday, 21 March 2018  |  Lila

Bought this Henna for the1st time and pleased I did really good quality mixed great and loved the results.will purchase again.

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great quality and colour
Thursday, 14 December 2017  |  Rocio

I have dark brown hair with quite a few white hairs... I live in an area of very hard water and my hair was very dry, and I had dandruff in my scalp.
This henna left a beautiful auburn tone in all my hair, with white hairs becoming orange (thus making my overall look a bit lighter brown/auburn). Also, my hair is shinier than before, and I don't have dandruff! I couldn't believe it when I read it would help, but it did!
I had used another henna brand before, but I stopped because it used to not stay permanent, and it would stain everything red all the time (water every time I washed it,pillow cases, t-shirts, etc.) It's Pure does stain too, but only for the first few washes. Then it stays and does not stain at all! (Not sure, though, if it is because now I follow the instructions of It's Pure and leave henna in lemon juice for at least 10 hours before I put it!).
I definitely recommend it!

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6 of 6 people found this review helpful.