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Its Pure Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown 10g Tester

Its Pure Herbal Hair Colour Natural Brown 10g Tester
Our Price:  £1.49


9,810 units

Model:  E0625
Brand:  It's Pure Organics
size:  10g
Certification:  Soil Association

This is a convenient sample-sized sachet of dye, which you can use to test the dye on your skin or hair, before going ahead and using a whole packet.

Soil Association Certified Organic, chemical free hair dye powder. This shade is suitable for blonde to light brown hair, and colours grey hair.

A small, 10g sample of the dye, designed for you to be able to a patch test on the skin and a  strand test on the hair, or two strand tests on the hair, before using the full-sized dye. Comes with full instructions. 

This It's Pure Organics Natural Brown shade is lighter than the Herbal Hair Colour Dark Brown and it is also a warmer colour.

Full instructions, nitrile gloves and cap are also included in the packet.

The likely colour outcome on different initial hair colours

Because everyone's hair is different this herbal hair colour will produce varying results depending on your hair type and initial hair colours. The lighter your hair, the lighter the resulting colour will be.
On very light coloured blonde, very grey, or white to start with, the colour outcome may be any-thing from blonde to light brown. 

On dark blonde hair it is likely to darken it to light brown.

On already light brown hair it is likely to darken it slightly.

On salt-and-pepper mixed white and light brown hair it will be an average effect overall of the two colours. So after dyeing, the white hair may be lighter than light brown, and the light brown hair may go a slightly darker brown.

A darker colour result may be achieved by repeated applications.  If your hair is very light coloured to start with it is also possible that the colour outcome may be warmer (i.e. slightly more auburn)

The colour is also affected by how long you leave the paste on. If you leave the paste on for 1 hour it will be a lot lighter than if you leave it on for 3 hours. It also tends be be a warmer colour when it is left on for a shorter time and a cooler and darker brown when it is left on for a longer time. 

Strand Testing

It is impossible to predict precisely how the colour will be on different people's hair. When using a herbal hair colour shade for the first time we recommend doing a strand test before using it all over your hair. 

When you first wash out the colour it will often not be the full depth of colour but it will gradually deepen to its true colour. So it is best to wait 24 hours after you have done the strand test to see how the colour develops.

Full Ingredients:

Cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, indigofera tinctoria (indigo) powder*, lawsonia inermis (henna) powder*, cassia auriculata (cassia) powder*, emblica officinalis (amla) powder*.   * Denotes Certified Organic

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